Monday, October 27, 2008

Maintaining My Napturals

To celebrate breast cancer awarness month, I've decided to write this blog in pink. I've been following this blog called Napturals. Its about maintaining natural kinky, or in my case, nappy hair. I watched all these tutorial videos and I was excited. One person even had a tutorial about the products she uses to maintain her hair. I tried a couple of those products and they made my hair feel so soft. I tried twisting my hair myself and it came out looking really nice. I always do my hair myself, with the exception of fancy and complicated hairdos. Other than that, I'm always finding crazy things to do to my hair. Check out a brief glimpse of my weekly dose of craziness below.

I thought that this hairstyle was going to turn out looking a mess. I tried this style in my hair once before and it was horrible. The second time I tried it, it turned out to be very nice! It wasn't perfect but good enough that I wouldn't have to worry about having a bad hair day in the morning.

The picture above is a picture of my natural hair twisted up professionally for a wedding!

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Sandy said...

Hey! I love this thought! I love hair stuff and I love that you do all sorts of fun things with your hair. Hair has always been a central part of my life because as a teenager growing up in the 60s, no one, and I mean NO ONE, seemed to have curly hair but me. Check out all those videos and clips from the 60s and you see girls with long, straight hair. I spent hours and hours and hours trying to make my hair look like everyone else's, and finally I was able to just let my hair be itself.

I noticed that you commented on the picture at my blog of all the snow. That picture was taken after a particularly big snow--usually, here in this part of northwestern Ohio, our snows are not that big. We're getting our first snow of the season today, but it won't stick around. It's beautiful to watch falling (not today because it's rain changing to snow), magnificent when the sun is shining on it, but it doesn't stay pretty very long and it's NOT pretty when it's old and dirty. I do miss my Florida sunshine a LOT!